TB & Crafts

Lucki is Tobi Brady's dog.  Tobi would buy Lucki dog toys only to have them chewed up and destroyed.  But Lucki is very lucky, Tobi is also a very talented quilter. 

Tobi has been sewing most of her life, and she knew she could come up with a dog toy that would last longer for dogs like Lucki, that just love to chew.  

After two and a half years of testing, Lucki finally put her seal of approval on Tobi's designs.  TB & Crafts was born.  Each designer dog toy is hand made with 3 layers of fabric, quilted together. Polyester batting is used for the toy filling. 

Squeakers are very important to Lucki.  There is nothing worse then a great toy with a floating squeaker that gets mauled in the process of chewing fun.  That is why each squeaker is sewn into the quilting.  This helps keep your squeaker intact. 

You can find these durable designer dog toys at Bark Avenue in Lafayette.  TB & Crafts also can be found at several of the local craft shows.  Check our Pet Events Calendar for a list of showings.  You can also contact Tobi by email 

Tobi has come up with a few other designs to add to their collection.
She has included an elephant, squirrel and moose and is currently working on a monkey.

TB & Crafts