Bone Du Jour, LLC

Sue Carroll
221 W. Prospect Rd, Ft. Collins

Sue Carroll started Bone Du Jour ten years ago.  Back then her loving dog was Buddy.  Sue adopted Buddy from her husbands cousin who was dying of cancer.

Buddy was Sue's lab tester.  He helped Sue perfect her now impeccable recipes for her gourmet dog treats.  

At first Buddy spent his days hanging out at the Bakery where Sue cooked up her delicious doggie treats.  However, Buddy was relieved of his duties when Sue discovered that Buddy was embezzling from the company.  He loved the doggie treats so much he just couldn't keep his nose out of the cooling racks and he would snitch extra bites when Sue wasn't looking.

Buddy has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Sue has adopted a new lab tester, Joey.  Joey doesn't get to come to the bakery with Sue so he won't be tempted to over indulge and get into trouble.  Not to mention that when the oven is in full swing it can get a bit on the toasty side.

Bone Du Jour offers dog biscuits for every occasion including birthday cakes for birthday parties and bone-olis for resturants that want to give their special guests extra treat.  

You can find Bone Du Jour at farmers markets, retail stores and online at